Balance Workshops, Courses and Events

Balansa Slackline delavnice ravnotežja in koncentracije


The workshops are intended for everyone who, in the company of experienced slackliners, wish to familiarize themselves with a unique blend of physical and mental exercise and, by putting it into practice:

  • better control, increase coordination and improve body awareness(proprioception);
  • increase core strength;
  • increase muscle stability and responsiveness;
  • improve body posture and balance;
  • experience a higher level of concentration;
  • develop greater trust in one’s intuition;
  • learn to persist and remain calm and relaxed in the face of stressful and unpredictable situations;
  • experience the efficiency of visualisation;
  • acquire better control of thoughts and emotions;
  • experience the concept of flow.
During workshops, we will use practical and fun exercises to demonstrate various skills. With slacklining you can increase your awareness of these skills, start practising them and put them to good use also in everyday life. The level and content of our workshops are designed to meet each individual’s needs and are therefore suitable for everybody: from total beginners, who are only starting to dip their toes into the world of balance, to top athletes, who wish to increase the control of their muscle power by improving balance.

With our help, anyone can learn to make at least a few calm steps on a slackline in only two hours. So leave your worries aside and let go of the notion that you lack the balance! We have you covered.

*** Advanced Workshop ***

For everyone who already knows how to slackline but would like to jump to the next level (longer lines, waterline and highline), the advanced workshop is the perfect choice.

During the workshop, you will learn various techniques for getting up and falling, heighten your awareness of deviations from the equilibrium point and increase responsiveness, advanced methods of achieving balance and concentration, practical solutions for fighting the wobbles and taming your slackline as well as your own thoughts. We will also explore the principles of psychophysical state known as “flow” and other interesting aspects of walking on the line.

Suitable for: individuals, groups, team-building, schools, various athletes and representative teams, physical education teachers etc.

Workshop Dates

See above for upcoming events!
You can always send us an enquiry for a different date. We will carry out the workshop as soon as enough participants apply.
Workshops can last from one hour to an entire day and are carried out outside in good weather. On the client’s request, we can also practice inside (our Woodies can be set up anywhere).


  • published dates of workshops: €20 per person for a 2-hour workshop (€15 for students and retirees);
  • groups: €150 per group (up to 10 persons) per instructor for a 2-hour workshop;
  • larger groups: by appointment;
  • individual sessions: €40 per hour.

KEEP IN MIND: When you buy one of our slackline sets, you get a 20% discount on the workshops (for individuals)!

How to Apply?

By e-mail:

See you there!

Put your skills, beliefs and worries on the line and observe what happens in your mind. Magic begins to happen outside of your comfort zone!

Balansa slackline tečaji ravnotežja

Balance, Concentration and Flow COURSES

Courses are carried out in several 2-hour sessions where we delve much deeper into the secrets of balance than at individual workshops. We explore the fundamentals of skills >>> which can be put to good use also in everyday challenges:

    • persevering in extreme and stressful situations, self-belief;
    • improving concentration and patience;
    • solving problems intuitively;
    • mindfulness and controlling thoughts and emotions;
    • the ability to overcome fear or obstacles;
    • power of visualisation;
    • state of flow;
    • the effect of breathing on body and mind.

Slackline is, of course, also a physical practice which offers our body a rigorous workout. In addition to balance, you will improve the following areas of musculoskeletal and nervous system:

    • coordination of the entire body, efficiency and precision of movement;
    • body awareness or proprioception;
    • responsiveness of muscles (muscle reflex response and intramuscular coordination);
    • muscle stabilisation of joints;
    • it can also act as a preventive measure and treatment for joint injuries.

During the course, we will not only practice basic steps but also more advanced manoeuvres, such as static (yoga) positions and dynamic jumps and tricks. You will improve your balance to such an extent that, upon completion of the course, you will be able to test one of the advanced forms of slacklining in practice (longline, waterline and highline).

The level of exercises is tailored to each individual’s needs so put your worries aside if you have not yet made that first step – after a day spent with us, your success is guaranteed.

Dates and Course Structure

See above for upcoming events and start of courses.

The courses are mainly carried out outside (at Tivoli Park in Ljubljana) in good weather. On the client’s request, we can also practice inside (our Woodies can be set up anywhere). 

For groups or a sufficient number of interested participants, we can organise a course on the desired date. Let us know by e-mail if you are interested in the course! >>>


Depends on the course.

Become a master of balance!

Learn to catch and maintain a moment of balance between one unstable position and the next!

Balansa Slackline - Woodie indoor slackline balance challenge


Slacklining is an attractive activity that adds spice to any event or festival. We can also provide a suitable slackline set-up either for school activities or city park entertainment and help the participants to make their first steps into the world of balance in a fun and exciting manner.

At schools, parks and different events we can set up either permanent or mobile anchors for various types of slacklines. Contact us for advice regarding the possible set-up and equipment.

Info: and +386 31 782 952

Balansa Slackline Highline dogodki
Highline Demonstrations, Talks and Commercials

You can make any festival or event more exciting by including a demonstration of a highline walk! A highline can be set up between two skyscrapers, waterline can be suspended above a lake and a 100m-line can be put up over an entire venue. With our performance we wish to encourage visitors to dare venture out of their comfort zone, try something completely new and reach for their dreams. An elegant and effortless walk along a highline is an art that many people find hard to imagine doing – and it takes their breath away when they see it in person. The performance is also always of interest to the media.

We will be happy to organise a captivating talk combining travelling, philosophical and psychological aspects of walking on the line, including photos and videos which illustrate the powers of human body and mind brought into balanced alignment, or a talk on mastering our fears.

Info: and +386 31 782 952


Workshops and courses:

Univerza v Ljubljani, Center za obštudijsko dejavnost

Vsako šolsko leto izvedemo več začetniških in nadaljevalnih delavnic za študente ljubljanske Univerze. Delavnice so brezplačne, potrebne pa so predhodne prijave preko COD.

Balansa Slackline Delavnice Ravnotežja za študente Univerze v Ljubljani, COD
Fakulteta za šport v Ljubljani

Vadbo ravnotežja na slacklinu vsako leto predstavimo študentom 3. letnika Fakultete za šport v okviru 4-urnih vaj pri predmetu Kondicijska vadba otrok in mladine. Študenti vselej zelo hitro osvojijo osnove gibanja pri iskanju ravnotežja, zato lahko v drugem delu vaj več pozornosti posvetimo reševanju miselnih izzivov, kamor spadajo tudi osredotočenost, vizualizacija in vztrajanje v težko predstavljivem položaju na traku.

Vaje smo na fakulteti v preteklosti izvajali tudi pri predmetih Sodobni športi in Antropologija športa.

TBA-Team Building Akademija

Slackline oz. ravnotežni izziv se izkaže kot odlična izbira za team building, saj spodbuja veščine, ki so pri delu nepogrešljive (osredotočenost, sposobnost kreativnega reševanja izzivov, nadzor stresa). V sodelovanju s TBA smo prve delavnice izvedli za 5 skupin, in sicer le 45 minut za vsako skupino. Izkazalo se je, da se da tudi v tako kratkem času naučiti umiriti začetno tresenje, suvereno ostati na traku in narediti kak korak. Udeleženci so bili nad svojim uspehom navdušeni.

Akademsko atletsko društvo Slovan -

Na tekaškem taboru v Umagu smo za udeležence že večkrat izvedli ravnotežno delavnico, ki udeležence zmeraj navduši. Športnikom, ne samo tekačem, trening stabilizacije in ravnotežja koristi pri napredovanju v njihovi disciplini, vedno pa pokaže tudi tiste šibke točke, ki posamezniku onemogočajo dosegati boljše rezultate. Brez nadzora, kakršnega razvijamo z ravnotežnim treningom, ima namreč mišična moč oslabljen učinek.

Balansa Slackline - Delavnica ravnotežje in stabilizacije za tekače

Športni dnevi

V Ljubljani smo za različne osnovne in srednje šole izvedli ravnotežne delavnice, ki so navdušile tako otroke kot njihove učitelje. Udeleženci so prek iger in izzivov spoznali bistvene veščine potrebne za hojo po traku: kako najlažje poiskati težišče telesa, ga spremljati in nadzorovati pri lovljenju ravnotežja, kako se z dihanjem sprostiti in posledično umiriti tresoči se trak, kaj je potrebno storiti za boljšo osredotočenost … Poleg razvijanja takšnih veščin so mladi na svežem zraku seveda tudi telovadili.

Pomembno je, da mladi poizkusijo čim več takšnih dejavnosti ki jih prisilijo, da se prestavijo iz cone udobja in odkrijejo svoje skrite potenciale. Ena takšnih je zagotovo slackline. Ob uspehu vedno sledi smeh in zagon za nove poizkuse tako slacklina, kot tudi drugih izzivov.

Balansa Slackline Delavnice Ravnotežja za šole, športni dan OŠ Prežihov Voranc

Balansa Slackline Delavnice Ravnotežja za otroke Balansa Slackline Delavnice Ravnotežja za otroke

Festival Igraj se z mano

Slackline smo že večkrat predstavili tudi na športnem festivalu za otroke s posebnimi potrebami  Igraj se z mano. Presenetljivo je bilo videti odzive otrok s posebnimi potrebami, ki imajo različne razvojne izzive , kako so napredovali, ko jim je uspelo pozabiti na telesne omejitve in vcepljeno misel, da po traku ne morejo hoditi.

Z ravnotežno vadbo opazno vplivamo tudi na možgane, in sicer z ustvarjanjem novih sinaps ter povečevanjem plastičnosti (sposobnosti preoblikovanja). Raziskovalci domnevajo, da je glavni razlog v tem, da je vztrajanje v ravnotežju vselej zelo intenziven proces, tako za telo kot za možgane. Težko je sprejeti, da nam gre lažje, ko se sprostimo in umirimo, a prav to naredi prvo ravnotežno izkušnjo tako močno.

Slackline toplo priporočamo osebam, ki zaradi različnih razlogov potrebujejo pomoč pri stimulaciji možganov.

Balansa Slackline Delavnice Ravnotežja Festival igraj se z mano

JZ Mladi zmaji

V okviru projekta Mladi Zmaji, ki ga je financirala Mestna občina Ljubljana, smo v dveh četrtnih mladinskih centrih, Bežigrad in Zalog, v sodelovanju z društvom Lili izvedli 10 dvournih treningov ravnotežja. Za Bežigradom so prevladovali najmlajši (od 3-10 let), v Zalogu pa od 15 let naprej.  

Balansa Slackline Delavnice Ravnotežja za JZ Mladi Zmaji


Poleg običajnih delavnic ravnotežja izvajamo tudi učenje hoje po traku na višini – highline. 

V zagrebškem parku Bundek smo že večkrat organizirali atraktivno delavnico – kar v krošnjah dreves!

Podobno delavnico smo izvedli tudi na festivalu Quor, ki ga je Balansa ozganizirala v opuščenem kamnolomu blizu Pule na Hrvaškem. Po delavnici so imeli vsi udeleženci na voljo še ves preostanek dneva za preizkušanje svojih veščin na treh že pripravljenih highlinih. Za prvi tak podvig je namreč zelo pomembno, da imaš dovolj časa in možnost večkratnega poskušanja.

V Plezalnem centru Ljubljana imamo že pripravljena sidrišča za highline z varovanjem od zgoraj. To je izvrsten način, ki večini poznavalcev slacklina omogoči prvo izkušnjo z višino. Ker ni tako zahteven kot pravi highline, lahko večina relativno hitro premaga strah in shodi.

Balansa Slackline - Plezalni center Ljubljana Highline za začetnike Balansa slackline Highline Workshops in Pula (HR)

Balansa slackline Highline Workshops in Zagreb (HR). Walking between the three tops

Events, parks, shows:

Outdoor Festivali – Soča, Zadar

S slackline delavnicami lahko popestrimo dogajanje na outdoor festivalih tako za sodelujoče kot mimoidoče.

V Zadru v okviru majskega Outdoor festivala vsako leto postavimo tudi highline na glavnem trgu, ki takoj postane ena glavnih atrakcij festivala (več na Enako tudi slackline, napeljan preko mrzle Soče, pritegne mnogo pozornosti.

balansa slackline - zadar outdoor festival city highline

balansa slackline - Soča outdoor festival waterline

Vlado Kreslin, božični koncert 2015

Balansa Slackline - Vlado Kreslin božični koncert

Slackline lahko lepo popestri tudi glasbeni koncert. Na dveh božičnih koncertih Vlada Kreslina je v zaodrju Cankarjevega doma Miha Škof postavil slackline, po katerem je hodil med pesmijo Tisoč let. 

Jazz festival Ljubljana 2016, Cankarjev Dom

V okviru Jazz festivala Ljubljana smo pred Cankarjevim domom v času otvoritvenega koncerta postavili highline v krošnjah dreves in tako dogodek še bolj izpostavili.

Balansa Slackline - Cankarjev_dom Jazz fest
Otvoritev 57. jazz festivala Ljubljana. GÜNTER »BABY« SOMMER solo bobni. Zračna podpora Balansa slackline. Park pri CD, 29.6.2016
Oviratlon, Legionar challenge

Slackline je lahko tudi izvrstna ovira na skupinskih tekmovanjih, kjer se mora skupina prijateljev prebiti preko številnih ovir. 

Ravnotežne ovire

Ostale zanimive postavitve

Balansa Slackline na Zadar Outdoor festivalu, Zadar urban HighlineBalansa Slackline Ljubljana Urban Highline

Balansa Slackline Ljubljana city Highline