Slackline Kit – Next step – 50 m/3.5 cm


Longline which you can quickly and simply set up yourself!

Experience new dimensions of walking on a slack line! After every slightly reckless move you make, a wave definitely follows and you have to tame it. When you succeed in calming the internal causes of wobbling, you experience a true state of flow.

In the included Training Guide you can read about the techniques of how to correctly stand up on challenging lines, ways to increase responsiveness, tips for managing your own thoughts and hints for maintaining the state of flow.

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A longline which you can quickly and simply set up yourself!

If you are currently somewhere in-between the intermediary and advanced level and you do not wish to carry around large amounts of equipment, such as pulleys for tensing long webbings, this set is the best choice for you.

With a 3.5cm wide and 50m long slackline and a large ratchet the setting up will be simple and you will be able to enjoy walking on this longline in no time.
Even though the slackline is wider than usual for such lengths (2.5cm), the entire kit weighs less than comparable ones due to a simple ratchet. The 3.5cm webbing will help you master the basics of walking also on longer lines. Get ready to experience a new dimension of intense wobbling typical of long lines!

• Kit weight: 5.2kg
• Material: polyester / 7% stretch
• Breaking force: 25kN
• Sag at full length and for a 85kg person: 150cm
• Colours: orange and blue
• Made in Slovenia

Set includes:
• 50m webbing
• Ratchet on a 2.5m webbing
• 2 tree/slackline protectors
• Slackline carry bag
• Instructions for setting up and using the slackline
Beginner and Advanced Training Guide