Woodie – Indoor Slackline


The best practice for balance and stabilization!


Woodie, a 3m slackline mounted on a self-supporting wooden frame, can be used as a fun and completely independent fitness equipment tool for bringing greater variety to training sessions of recreational and professional athletes. It offers offices active breaks and relaxes the mind during work. It also serves as a great tool for joint rehabilitation after injury.

The product includes a 60-page Training Guide and a Poster with motivational exercises (size 70 x 50 cm).

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Woodie, a 3m indoor slackline mounted on a self-supporting wooden frame, can be used as a fun and completely independent fitness equipment tool for bringing greater variety to training sessions of recreational and professional athletes. It is also great for relaxing the mind during work or for rehabilitation after injury.

We prepared a guide to challenge you with 100 exercises for balance and strength of varying levels. When we train on a surface which moves, such as a stretchy webbing, we have to constantly stabilize the body. The exercises are therefore more fun and efficient compared to exercises on the floor or other balance props. Exercises on Woodie are extremely dynamic and because they include bigger and faster moves they better imitate the actual body movements than other balance equipment.

By practising your balance on Woodie, you will improve the following areas of musculoskeletal and nervous system:

• responsiveness of muscles (muscle reflex response and intramuscular coordination);
• muscles stabilising joints;
• proprioception or body awareness;
• coordination of the entire body, efficiency and precision of movement;
• control over the strength of your muscles;
• it can also act as a preventive measure and treatment for joint injuries.
As regards mental aspects, Woodie will help you improve:
• concentration and focus;
• the ability to persist and remain calm and relaxed in the face of stressful and unpredictable situations;
• awareness of present moment.

The height of the line is 45cm or 30cm. By simply moving two wooden parts to a second set of grooves, we can quickly adjust the height for children or for rehabilitation purposes.

You can find a video for easier assembly, loosening and folding here >>>

Technical characteristics

Length: 300cm (due to the flexibility of the frame, the level of difficulty and the feeling for balance on Woodie are comparable to those on a classic 6m slackline)
Height of the webbing: 45cm or 30cm from the ground
Webbing width: 3,5cm
Weight: 16kg
Maximal Load: 150kg, suitable for jumping
Collapsibility: by removing only two screws, Woodie can be quickly and simply collapsed to the length of 125cm
Modern look: precise milling on a CNC machine, countersunk recessed screws and nuts, no sharp edges, oiled wooden surfaces
Level of difficulty: simple adjustment of difficulty by changing the tension of the webbing
Safety: rubber padding gives Woodie stability also when we lose balance and prevents hitting the wooden part when falling. For additional safety, pillows can be used.
Compliant with ISO 20957-1:2013 – Stationary training equipment standard
Guarantee: 3 years
Made in Slovenia

Guide with Exercises and a Poster

The product includes a 60-page Training Guide with exercises for balance, strength and stabilisation of core, legs and upper body. A B2 size poster (70 x 50cm) with exercises, ideal to hang beside Woodie in your gym, is also included.

Users Feedback

A stable body is a foundation for a healthy physical activity. Walking on a line is recommended as a preventive measure and also as a remedial therapy in later stages. With Woodie we can do these exercises also in indoor spaces which is an additional advantage. We can use it for rehabilitation after injury and surgery on joints, muscles and ligaments. Professional athletes simply adore it because it adds variety to their otherwise monotonous training.

Jure Bornšek, Physiotherapist Bsc, Manual Therapy Specialist, Head of Physiotherapists at Olympic Games in PyeongChang 2018.

Woodie offers a fun way of developing balance, coordination, strength, joint stabilisation and concentration. People of all generations find it challenging and are happy to put their skills to the test on it. It is useful as a tool for conditioning training and rehabilitation after injuries. Due to the variety of exercises which are possible on Woodie, we can carry out the entire training with only one tool or include it in any type of training. It’s truly an incredible piece of fitness equipment.  >>> more

Dane Nemac, Kinesiologist MSc, Gibalna Klinika



Higher (45 cm), Lower (30 cm), Both options